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    Control motors, relays and sensors with a fully open industrial automation coupler. OSIE’s rPLC, programmable with IEC-61131 compatible Beremiz and supporting OPC-UA and software-defined TSN / real-time Linux allows you to build vendor independent automation projects.

    What is an rPLC?

    The rPLC is a coupler that supports OPC-UA and software defined time-sensitive networking. It can only be remotely programmed because this makes it an easy replaceable component in scalable industrial automation infrastructures. Remote programming and control is possible using the free software Beremiz IDE (IEC61131 compliant) deployable using Nexedi’s SlapOS software for edge computing and architecture which also is running on the rPLC Coupler.

    What is OSIE?

    OSIE (Open Source Industrial Edge) is a disruptive cloud service which transforms industrial automation into a branch of the open source software and hardware ecosystems. OSIE aims to eliminate interoperability blockers, accelerate data-driven business and provide flexibility for Industry 4.0 applications. It supports real-time orchestration and deterministic, end-to-end communication at the edge using generic hardware. It is a project led by Nexedi (edge computing, data collection), Linutronix (real-time embedded Linux), Olimex (open hardware) and Fraunhofer Fokus (OPC-UA)


    [31-01-2024] First rPLC coupler version 0.0.1 released as part of OSIE framework release (version 1.0.353).

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